Because we are pioneers of naturalness

  • Pioneers

    To be Pioneers is to maintain some traditions. We are also leading to this tradition with our products, our brands.

  • Customer Satisfaciton

    Customer satisfaction and trust is always our top priority value for us.

  • Honesty, Reliability

    We are one of the company who regards as principle of “In spite of lose Confidence, prefer lose Money”. Honesty and reliability is our priority, not earn a lot of money.

  • Tradition

    Our priority is to make continuous to traditionals by producing in series, hygienic conditions in the factory environment to traditional products that can be found only in the their region's.

  • Employee Training

    We provide business-related manufacturing technology hygiene, occupational safety and the quality of education for taking our all employees because to do in the best way to all works.

  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship

    Traditional products that we produce by moving to the thousands of worldwide retail market, we add value and accessibility to our traditional products with innovation and entrepreneurship of our soul.

  • Valuing Employees

    We are a family being Pioneers with our employees. While each of our employees is coming to work in the morning, they would come here with the idea that go to their 2nd family.

  • Continuous Development and Growth

    According to our annual growth target of at least 25% every year by surpassing our this goal about growing and are able to offer our products to our customers all over the world.

  • Nature Protect

    Water, used as cleaning of raw material like tomato and pepper, collect at water treatment plant and then refined water is canalized to stream and thus destroying of nature is reduced. The daily capacity of factory located at Tire / İzmir is 9500 ton, capacity of factory located at Yeniçiftlik/ İzmir is 4080 ton and capacity of factory located at Balıkesir is 7300 ton. Beside this, according to landed contract with recycling factories the carton waste, papaer waste, plastic waste, nylon waste, glass, metal and cooking oil are recycled and provided using again and thanks to this activity, we reduce our ecologic foodprint.